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Basic installation instructions:

Please note with such a large range of vehicles catered for these instructions are a general guide only.

  1. Remove door sill plates, kick panels, front seats and rear seat base. Remove centre console (where applicable), seat belt bolts and any other trims retaining old carpet.

  2. Remove old carpet, keep it do not discard it yet. Remove old underfelt taking note of where it was. Vacumn or sweep floor clean. Place the old carpet over your new moulded carpet.
    Using the old carpet as a template mark any holes or additional cut outs on the new carpet with chalk. Do not cut yet!

  3. If removing underfelt only, lay it in the same area as you removed it from.

  4. Starting with the rear carpet, place your new carpet in the vehicle by centering it on the tunnel and working towards the sides.
    Now repeat this with the front carpet matching the contours of the carpet with the floor.
    You may need to cut some of the holes you marked out earlier (gearstick, console brackets etc).

  5. After confirming the proper fit, cut the required holes as you fit the carpet to the vehicle.
    please note it is better to start with a small hole in the carpet just large enough to fit over the object, then enlarge it in small increments until sufficient to get the object through.
    Do not overcut!

  6. Depending on your particular model of vehicle it may be necessary to trim excess carpet from the sides, as most carpets are left slightly wider in case carpet has been fitted slightly off centre.

  7. Replace rear seat base, seat belt bolts, centre console, front seat bolts, kick panels, door sill plates and any other trims you removed earlier.

  8. Sit in the drivers seat and enjoy your new carpet.